History & Mission

St. Columba’s began in 1927 when an invitation was made for anyone who wanted to belong to a Presbyterian Church to come together. The growing Scots and Irish communities in Coventry saw it as an opportunity to belong to a church whose style was similar to those they had left and St. Columba’s became a focal point for those communities in Coventry. The Church building was completed in 1931, at which point it stood on Radford Road as it climbed Barr’s Hill. However the road re-alignments of the mid-1960’s left the church on a cul-de-sac which was named St. Columba’s Close and many people will approach it by the “back” entrance on St. Nicholas Street.

It served the local community in a variety of ways. During the 1980’s it forged a relationship with Lifepath (formerly Coventry Homes) with a social and worship gathering for their residents and was home to a Guide Company. In the 1990’s it provided a Community Day Nursery.  In 2010’s Life Path moved their Day Opportunities work there, it became a venue for Coventry Winter Night Shelter and a provided food and social space for many people in need.

At it’s heart it has always been a place of worship. When the worshipping life of the church became unsustainable we were no longer able to sustain the social outreach and hence the church decided to close on 31 December 2020.