History & Mission

St. Columba’s began in 1927 when an invitation was made for anyone who wanted to belong to a Presbyterian Church to come together. The growing Scots and Irish communities in Coventry saw it as an opportunity to belong to a church whose style was similar to those they had left and St. Columba’s became a focal point for those communities in Coventry. The Church building was completed in 1931, at which point it stood on Radford Road as it climbed Barr’s Hill. However the road re-alignments of the mid-1960’s left the church on a cul-de-sac which was named St. Columba’s Close and many people will approach it by the “back” entrance on St. Nicholas Street.

In 1972, along with the whole Presbyterian Church of England, St. Columba’s became part of the United Reformed Church. We retain something of that Presbyterian flavour with an emphasis on worship that gives glory to God and preaching that explores the Scriptures and interprets them for 21st Century life. Our congregation gathers together people from across the city many of whom are still drawn from the first and second generation Scots and Irish.

St. Columba’s also has a role as a local church and community resource for the Canal Basin area. Weddings, Baptisms, Thanksgivings and Funerals can be arranged via the Minister (02476 264264). We have rooms that can be made available for your event and rooms should be booked via the Minister

Vision 2020 is a framework of mission planning and church growth for the United Reformed Church in the coming decade. Local churches are asked to focus on two or three items and indicate how these will be part of their life. At our AGM we agreed to concentrate upon the following three areas of mission:-

Priority 1: Spirituality and prayer

    • We will offer good quality worship, preaching and teaching with a distinctive style that acknowledges our Presbyterian roots but draws from other contemporary sources.
    • We will continue to encourage and support the healing prayer ministry within our corporate worship and through Warwick Road’s Healing Service.
    • We will continue to develop  a new midweek worship time that seeks to include those attending Life Path who would value such a time.
    • We will encourage a variety of bible study, sermon study, lent and advent groups in partnership with other churches, including the Chapel of Unity services.

Priority 2: Community partnerships

  • We will continue to work with Life Path Trust and others providing support for people with Learning Disabilities.
  • We will develop our relationships with those working amongst new migrants, in particular City of Sanctuary.
  • We will continue to offer ourselves as a Night Shelter and as a base for the Wednesday Welcome
  • We will seek opportunities to work with local organisations particularly new charities.
  • We will look to redevelop the building to meet the needs of our community partnersand create a sustainable future.

Priority 3: Hospitality & Diversity

  • We will seek closer relationships with our building users.
  • We will encourage the involvement of all our age groups in the worship and social lifeof the church, using everyone’s skills appropriately.
  • We will provide worship that is suitable for people with Learning Disabilities.
  • We will explore the Season of Invitation and the ways in which we invite our fellow travellers into the worshipping life of church.
  • We will welcome people into the life of the church for as long as they need to be here.