There is a style of poetry that doesn’t use punctuation 

but leaves big gaps between phrases


the leaf                                        fall

your ring remained

golden decay

I’m never sure how to read it

                                      the breaks spoil the rhythm 

and often there is no rhyme any way                                                       So how do you recite such a thing?

                          But then I find myself pausing in the gaps       

thinking about the line just read 

before moving on to the next one           

it slows us down                                                                   no more rushing on


Sabbatical has been such a pause 

between phrases 

time to reflect on the last line                    

to unhurriedly be ready for the next. 


Advent is also meant to be such a pause 

although it can often feel like we are rushing through the lines in preparation for all that will come

I hope you find somewhere to pause        

to craft a break relish the moment

reflect on the last line be ready for the next

                                                             discover treasure in the gaps


be blessed


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