May Messy Church

Due to the on-going COVID-19 guidelines, we want to offer you Messy Church online again this month. 

We are looking at an important event that took place after Jesus had risen from the dead at Easter. After Jesus rose from the dead, he spent a while appearing to his friends and disciples. This was partly to reassure them, partly to cement the teaching and training he had given them over the last three years, and partly to prove to those who who were struggling to believe that he really was alive again. Next month we will look at the other major festival that we celebrate which is called Pentecost but for this month we are going to focus on the event called “The Road to Emmaus”.

We hope that we will meet with you all again in the near future, but for the time being, know that we are thinking of you all and hope that your family finds these activities useful and fun. 

We have the story of “The Road to Emmaus” to read from Roots on the Web; a video of the story to watch, a powerpoint quiz and printable answer sheet, from Bible Society. We also have activity sheets, colouring pages and other printable activities from Roots on the Web, Together@Home and Bible Craft Club

We hope that you find this story inspiring and gives you lots to talk and think about as a family. As always there is a printable sheet for the grown-ups too. We hope that you are staying safe at home and finding a new rhythm that works for all the family. 

May 2020 Messy Church

The Road to Emmaus Story








Road to Emmaus Word Search


TatH – 26.04.2020 – Emmaus Road


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