Redevelopment Project

Our church hall is well used as a place where people can come together. Life Path Trust use it on four days a week, It’s use by CRMC’s Mens Group,  Wednesday Kitchen and Thursday Fellowship and Coventry Winter Night Shelter means that many people come through our doors seeking hospitality. It’s great to have everyone, but also clear that the building is in need of an upgrade. The kitchen is showing signs of heavy wear, the toilets have seen better days and the side door is unsuitable for the number of people attending, an annoyance for our neighbours and whilst we can put a ramp down – doesn’t really meet the sort of accessibility standards that show people they are really welcome.

In addition the hall has a flat roof which is beginning to fail. A flat roof in our climate is a strange thing and so we want to replace with a pitched roof that will ensure that all we do inside is done in a watertight, warm building.

The cost of this redevelopment is daunting – we are working to an estimate of £350,000. We know we can not raise this money from our own resources and so we will be approaching a number of funders to see if they can believe in the work that is happening within the building as much as we do. Our congregation is small, yet they have committed their own money to the tune of £7000 (in Sept 2017) towards this project.

Our plans can be found on these links:

Plans – 1F

Plans – GF

Plans – NE Elevation

Plans – roof

and if you would like to make a donation or a pledge :-

Building Fund Promise – 1

Along with money we would also value people who want to come and help us  to turn this vision into reality and of course your prayers will support and encourage us along the way.