At St. Columba’s we have a hall suitable for up to 60 people, a meeting room suitable for up to 20 people and the church which can seat 250 people. The Kitchen can be used by any group using the building we will ask you to clean up after yourselves. Tables and chairs can be re-arranged in the hall and small meeting room, again we will ask you to put things back how you found them. In the church the pews and pulpit are fixed and immovable! However the Communion Table and lectern can be moved to create a large flexible platform area. The church has microphones and a loop system which can be used by prior arrangement.

We charge by the session, a session being a morning (8am – 12 noon) an afternoon (12 noon to 4pm) or an evening (6pm to 10pm). The cost for the hall is £25 per session; the church £100 per session and the small meeting room £20 per session. The small meeting room is upstairs.

There are regular users in the hall on a Sunday morning and afternoon, Monday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning and evening, Thursday evening, Friday morning and  evening. We prefer to work with regular users but we may be able to be available for some one off events.

To make a booking please contact Craig Muir  Tel; 02476 264264 or


Small Meeting Room